Hatari 2

We just came back from our awesome trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar.
As allways when we have the chance to stay there, it's a great mixture
of adventure and recreation. And it allways inspires
me to all the illustrations
that I do for Hatari Lodge.

This is the view from top of the hill where the Shu'mata Camp is placed.
It's the new bushcamp, built and managed by the Hatari Lodge people.
what you see from here is africa at it's best.

Giraffes and warthogs are everywhere on Hatari Lodge.

Look at this praying mantis. It must be about 12 cm.

The tents on Shu'mata are very luxury. They have two kingsize
beds inside. but watch your shoes. There maybe scorpios in it...

that morning we saw thousands of zebras.

The peak of kilimanjaro showed up only once. Too cloudy.


Long tailed monkey, elefant skull.

Stonetown, historic center of the capital of Zanzibar, Zanzibar City.

We stayed in 'Anna of Zanzibar', a beachresort with only 4
beautyful beach villas. See the pictures and enjoy...


It was a pleasure for me to do these illustrations for the last issue of
the german magazine Dogs. The article compares the education
of dogs with the education of little children.

This was a label illustration for promo packages of my rep Kate Larkworthy,
who loves dogs. She has 3 dogs.


My hommage to the good old tape...

Hatari 1

Since our first stay in Tanzania in early 2006, I got the opportunity to work for
Hatari Lodge, an amazing safari lodge located in Arusha National Park in eastern
Tanzania. The owners liked my style and thought that my illustrations would fit
perfectly to the retro look of their lodge.
The exciting thing about Hatari Lodge is, that this is the place, where they shot
'HATARI' the movie in 1962. A movie that I loved as a child. It's allways a great
pleasure for me to work for them.
My work for Hatari includes poster-, t-shirt-, postcard-design, advertising
campaigns, brochure design and much more. I will show these things
little by little.



GeoMini is out! The new monthly Children Magazine. In every issue GeoMini
will introduce children from all over the world. The first child was Veronica
from Peru. I was asked to do a little Veronica portrait and a map that shows,
where and how she lives.

This is Jeremy, an inuit boy from Gjoa Haven in northern Canada...

...and Mbeiza from Uganda